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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Aug 7, 2019

About this Episode

On the Podcast today, Charlie Cichetti visits with Shan Arora, Director of The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design at Georgia Tech.  

They discuss Shan’s journey in sustainability, career highlights, mindset strategies, and regular habits that have helped him get to this next chapter. 

 Key Talking Points

Shan has over a decade of sustainability sector experience under his belt.

He has served at various organizations such as Deloitte Tax and Southface Institute. At Southface, Arora honed his experience in the sustainability industry, developing content and working on urban sustainability issues, sustainability planning, stakeholder engagement, and clean energy policy. 

Listen in and hear:

  • Arora’s backstory before dipping his feet in the sustainability industry.
  • Why it is important to keep updating yourself in the sustainability industry.
  • How being versatile can help one grow in their career and sustainability world.
  • The future of the green building movement.

 Key Milestones of the Episode

[02:37] Shan Arora’s, backstory.

[06:10] How Shan fully transitioned into the sustainability industry.

[07:27] Shan’s team of friends who fueled his energy on his new job as mentors.

[10:18] What Arora takes pride in at a personal and at a career level.

[13;53] How being versatile helps him in the sustainability industry.

[17:02] Examples of sustainability projects that helped him sharpen his skills in the industry.

[19:47] Shan’s talks about his role at the Kendeda Building for Innovative and Sustainable Design.

[25:45] Shan’s elaborates on his work with Georgia Interfaith Power & Light and how the organization advances Georgia’s green building movement.

[28:42] The future of the green building movement and sustainability.

[32:39] Arora reveals what is his special gift.

[38:43] Book recommendations.

[41:17] What Shan wishes he knew before jumping into green building movement.

 Key Quotes

  1. If you can construct to the rigorous living building challenge standards in Atlanta, then what’s your excuse for anywhere else?
  2. “We’re fast approaching the end of the luxury of saying that we can have one thing to do one function. We need to figure out ways for our built environment to have multiple functions.”
  3. “Sometimes people don’t know what’s out there until someone says, go do it, just forge your own path.”
  4. “If you’re really interested in a topic, you got to read about it. You got to be on top of what’s happening in that world.”

 Key Resources

  1. The Kendeda Building for Innovative and Sustainable Design.
  2. Southface Institute.
  3. Georgia Tech.
  4. The History of the Living Building Challenge.

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