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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Mar 21, 2018

Francesca Mayer Martinelli is the CEO of the Peru Green Building Council, where she leads the comprehensive implementation of sustainable construction in Peru. Her responsibilities include ensuring the council’s profitability and efficiency, representing the council with government agencies, preparing the annual and...

Mar 14, 2018

Charlie is proud to be one of the leaders in the green building industry. Today, Alyson Laura interviews Charlie Cichetti.  They are long-time friends and colleagues. She's a sustainability maven excited to put him in the hotseat and find out what green building means and how it matters to Charlie.


“You’re a risk...

Mar 7, 2018

Trace Blackmore is an expert in energy savings through better water treatment. His career is rooted in educating his clients so they better understand the full impact of water treatment and the real value of efficient water treatment.


“Water treatment is one of the most the building world.” -...