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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Mar 21, 2018

Francesca Mayer Martinelli is the CEO of the Peru Green Building Council, where she leads the comprehensive implementation of sustainable construction in Peru. Her responsibilities include ensuring the council’s profitability and efficiency, representing the council with government agencies, preparing the annual and monthly goals and objectives, and expanding the council’s network.


"Green building is for everyone ... It's very important for us to identify what the best strategy is to approach [specific] projects and what is [needed to implement that]." - Francesca Mayer Martinelli

Woman with a Green Heart

Francesca enjoys getting in touch with nature. The green building movement resonated with her even before she started her career.  


"I liked how easy and how logical sustainable decisions actually were." - Francesca Mayer Martinelli


When she proceeded to college, she received a scholarship in South Carolina where she studied Interior Design. She discovered her love for research and learned about sustainability through her teacher.

All for a Sustainable Environment

Prior to becoming the CEO of the Peru Green Building Council, Francesca worked as the Senior Project Manager for SUMAC Inc., an international consulting and development firm committed to sustainability and energy efficiency.  


She maintains LEED BD+C and ID+C accreditation and received her BFA in Interior Design from Converse College. She went on to receive her MPS in Sustainable Design and Construction from the New York School of Design.

At Work with the Peru Green Building Council


It was in New York where she became deeply immersed in the green building movement. Francesca learned so much about sustainability and was able to apply her skills in various projects including designing beach houses and retail stores.


"We need things that are really important for the government to provide the right framework and the right tool to be aware of what is really happening in the market and to provide incentives." - Francesca Mayer Martinelli


Currently at the Peru Green Building Council, they have an exciting project with specific municipalities. They are working on raising more awareness and creating better systems for everyone.


To hear more about how Francesca Mayer Martinelli is leading the way for a sustainable environment in Peru, download and listen to the episode!


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