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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Apr 21, 2021

Alessandro Bisagni, Founder and President of BEE Incorporations, has been named a 2020 LEED Fellow by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI). Alessandro’s mission is to leverage business to do good. This includes educating corporations about tangible ways to build, renovate, and operate spaces sustainably while also helping advance sustainability in our urban environment. Over his career, he has managed close to 400 green building projects in more than 30 countries for a combined footprint of over 40 million square feet. Alessandro is the first person to receive all three recognitions of LEED Fellow, Living Future Hero, and IWBI Leadership Award.

Show Highlights

  • Asia’s impact and philosophy in achieving a sustainable world. 
  • The world's first eco city, Dongtan.
  • Naked Stables, defines  luxury retreats.
  • “Sell” yourself to create desired opportunities in your career.
  • BEE, is the world's largest consultancy focusing on luxury retail. 
  • Alessandro started the GBPP to be a consortium for LEED professionals in China and it became a focal point for the green building movement.
  • Incredible self sustaining eco communities, ground breaking generational projects in both LEED and WELL, and early developer conversations to inspire green building firsts.
  • Technology and innovations that will drive sustainability in LEED and WELL.
    1. BEE Sense, works in unison for clients and provides real time tracking that reports back to platforms such as World Portfolio and ARC.
    2. Studies in ARC to compare different project type technologies and how the score in ARC changes.
    3. What you need to know about Reset and measuring air quality.

“Song Saa Reserve, is a small eco community. When I say small, I mean it’s over 600 acres, so let's say a small town located in Cambodia near the Angkor Wat Temple. It's basically a self-sustaining eco community that will be hospitality, residential retail, and art space. It will generate its own energy on site. It will source its own groundwater and it is currently the largest living community challenge vision plan certified projects in the world. We'll go on to be the largest, fully certified Living Community Challenge Project at the end.”

-Alessandro Bisagni

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