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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Jun 27, 2018

In this episode, Charlie Cichetti talks about LEED and WELL history and statistics. Along with a bit of storytelling, he discusses the latest numbers, trends, and LEED professional exams. By listening in, he hopes you can take the next step towards becoming part of the LEED movement.

“Maybe you have a colleague or a friend… or a student you know needs a little nudge to finally go ahead, study, take the exam, pass it, and advance their career.” - Charlie Cichetti

LEED AP Exam: A History

There’s been about eighteen years’ worth of LEED projects, but the first LEED Accreditation Professional Exam first came out a year later, in 2001. The exam wasn’t updated until June 2009, the last time anyone could take it LEED NCv2.2’s exam.

Three tiers to the exams rolled around one after another, more advanced, specific, and challenging.

Updated LEED AP Exam

LEED Green Associate (GA), Tier 1 of the new version of LEED exam, came out that summer. Everyone starts with this hundred-question exam, but not everyone opts to take the other tiers.

Following the GA exam, Tier 2: Specialty was launched. People taking this exam get to be accredited in their desired fields of specialization. Tier 2 can be taken on the same day as the GA exam, provided that they pass it first.

Sometime later, Tier 3: LEED Fellow also came out but is for 10+ year industry leaders and is not exam-based.

Statistics of LEED

This April 2018, USGBC updated their interactive overview of the number of holders of LEED credentials. LEED Professionals have risen in number for the past eighteen years. Worldwide, they are now about 202,000 in total.

While this number may look huge, you must keep in mind that this is almost two decades’ worth of exams passeed. There’s no need to worry about how this can potentially hinder your career growth with a lot of competition because these credentials will stay with you as an individual. All it takes is a different perspective to see the benefits of taking this exam.

“These LEED Professional credentials really are gonna help you in your career, make your company more competitive for that next bid, help you ask better questions.” - Charlie Cichetti


To hear more firsthand information regarding the LEED and WELL credentials, statistics, and trends, download and listen to the episode!

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