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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Feb 14, 2018

GBMS 004 Global LEED Growth, Careers and Leadership with Mahesh Ramanujam

Mahesh Ramanujam is the President and CEO of both the USGBC and the Green Business Certification, Inc. (GBCI). He believes that sustainability is a way of life, and empowers hundreds of employees across the globe with his charismatic leadership and his belief that the green building movement can truly transform the built environment.


"The journey has been about humility, carrying your values, understanding what the planet wants you to share, and most importantly inspire the people around you and give them a fair chance at whatever they don't have because you can give them one." - Mahesh Ramanujam

Start of a Journey in Sustainability

From his humble beginnings in India, Mahesh has stepped up the ladder to becoming one of today's leaders in the green building movement. He thankfully acknowledges his parents' support and the values that they taught him.


It was from them that he learned to be thankful and to pay it forward with the things he has. To him, sustainability is a way of life and is about leaving the world with a sense of abundance.

Leading in the Industry

Mahesh graduated from Annamalai University with a degree in Computer Engineering. His line of expertise includes optimization, technological innovation, negotiation, global business and market development.


Prior to becoming President and CEO, Mahesh served as the Chief Information Officer at USGBC. He also served as the COO of Emergys Corporation and led various business transformation programs at IBM and Lenovo.

Community Involvement and Advice

At present, Mahesh also serves on numerous boards and advisory committees, including Bank of America's National Community Advisory Council and the Board of Directors of GRESB.


He encourages everyone to take a step forward and reach out when you need help. As he said, there is a green building movement that will support, enable and welcome you.


Connect with Mahesh Ramanujam:


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