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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Jul 31, 2019

About this episode

In the Green Belt Movement Podcast today, Charlie engages Eden Brukman, who leads the Living Building Challenge. Eden Brukman is formally trained as an architect, and also a creative writer, with a strong bias in creating children's books.

Eden shares her journey as an architect until she took a significant shift in her career to education advocacy in sustainability development by leaving the architectural practice.


Key Talking Points  

  1. Eden’s backstory in architectural practice.
  2. Eden Bruk’s transition in career to sustainability development.
  3. Eden’s opinion on the architectural industry.
  4. The future in the sustainability industry.


Key Milestones of the Episode

[01:26] Eden’s backstory on her background.

[03:07] Why Eden was interested in venturing into architecture.

[03:51] The people who inspired Eden to focus on architecture.

[08:14] Eden’s opinion on the architecture industry.

[14:58] How Eden delved into the sustainability industry.

[20:03] Eden’s current goals and projects in the sustainability industry.

[26:14] Eden's take on her career world.

[27:18] The habits that help Eden remain successful in her career.

[30:29] Eden Brukman’s favorite book.

[32:08] Eden’s advice to people getting into the green building industry.

[33:21] What made Eden transition from architectural practice into advocacy education.


Key Quotes

“Architecture is a social science; we have to learn everything about design for our clients who haven't seen them to design something that will be successful to them.”

“Everyone has their own path and we need to embrace the path and give people the ability and help along the way to bring them along; and for them to bring others along.”


Key Resource

The Living Building Challenge


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