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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Mar 8, 2023

Ramana Koti, LEED Fellow, is the Sustainable Design Leader at HKS Architects responsible for sustainable design facilitation and building performance analysis. His focus is on getting projects off to the right start with an inclusive and integrative effort, measuring progress against goals, and delivering a quantified outcome.


Ramana has published several technical papers on daylighting and energy performance in buildings and regularly blogs on green building related topics. He volunteers with the AIA 2030 Working Group and the USGBC at the local and national levels.


Ramana has been a certified ASHRAE Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP) since 2015 and was designated a LEED Fellow in 2019.


Show Highlights

  • Tools that help push the industry with daylight analysis and energy modeling. 

  • Ramana shares his experience with managing commercial mixed use practice all wrapped in one project. 

  • Start the projects off on a right footing to make sure the initial goals and strategies are being implemented. 

  • Packaging certification efforts at the end to achieve the targeted certification levels. 

  • How do you share LEED best practices amongst a large team?

  • Incentives from the inflation reduction Act put the industry on a broader path to decarbonization and making buildings much more greener than they are. 

  • Tips on coaching your team on embodied carbon.


“I wish somebody had told me change happens, but it happens more slowly; because when you're young, energetic, & hungry to affect change, you become anxious when results don't happen within the expected timeframe. But once you spend 10, 15 years in a field…things have a way of compounding and happening. And to quote Lao Tzu, "Do your work and then step back.'"

-Ramana Koti 


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