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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Apr 22, 2020

Laura joined ESG in Minneapolis after working for almost 10 years at a similar-sized firm in Dallas, specializing in mixed-use, multifamily housing and corporate office. Laura uses her various experience on complex projects to create an inspiring atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration. She also uses her leadership skills to develop and grow strong client and consultant relationships. Laura has served as the Chair of the AIA Dallas Committee on the Environment and on the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) North Texas Regional Council. She takes special care to include sustainability initiatives in the projects she works on. “My intention is to always make sure functionality in architecture and engineering come together in a holistic way,” she explains, “to create long-lived projects with efficiency and durability.”

Laura’s an avid listener, energetic, and extremely organized. She loves creating working relationships with clients and consultants, to build a team that works well together. “My intention is to work with the same clients over the years, so we come to know each other well, and can elevate our design goals with each new project.”

Laura graduated in 2010 with her Masters of Architecture from the University of Kansas and became a licensed architect in June 2013. In the past, she has been an active member in AIA Dallas, The Real Estate Council (TREC), and USGBC Texas. She is a graduate from the 2015 AIA Emerging Leaders Program and TREC’s 2017 Associate Leadership Council (ALC) class.

Show Highlights

  • Track Laura’s green journey from Missouri to Texas to Minnesota
  • Laura makes a culture of sustainable building with less top down roles 
  • The best learning tool is having to build the requirements to get LEED and Passive House certifications 
  • Affordable housing is an integral part of urban density projects  
  • Why green builders need to add a level of commitment  on all project requirements to include climate change
  • What shift does GenerationZ , the younger generation want to see all inclusive? 

“Your passion can align with what you want to do with your career and there’s always time to learn so much more so you can focus on that one thing.”

-Laura Eder

Laura Eder Full Transcript

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