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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Dec 21, 2022

Bahruz Mammadov is a serial entrepreneur with a main focus on chemical & material sciences. He has hands-on experience in fundraising, business development, and building teams. As a co-founder at BERKM, he raised over 3.5 million euros of venture capital. He has amassed more than 10 years experience in different branches of the chemical industry, combined with a vast network in the industry. He is passionate about new materials and bringing them to market on a large scale.


Show Highlights

  • Bahruz shares products, startup advice, and how chemical engineering is transforming green building.
  • Chemistry is a science filled with green building magicians using nanometer technologies to change existing materials. 
  • The first chain of tasks to do when starting a new project or company. 
  • Entrepreneur DNA, what inspired Bahruz to launch his own business. 
  • BERKM technology creates solutions for less plastic, longer product shelf life and supporting recycling. 
  • Shifts and trends towards clean chemistry with significant impact on sustainability.


“I am really proud about the sustainability impact we are making in our company in terms of reducing plastic pollution. Part of the results we’ve achieved will influence the packaging industry.”

-Bahruz Mammadov


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