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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Dec 15, 2021

Brett Little, is the Program Manager at GreenHome Institute (GHI), a nonprofit whose mission is to empower people to make healthier and more sustainable choices in the renovation and construction of the places we live in. At GHI, Brett oversees their education and certification services such as LEED for homes, enterprise green communities, GreenStar Homes Certification, DOE Home Energy Score and Zero Energy Capable Program. He also runs their Weekly Wednesday webinar series, professional education, annual zero energy conference and the Grand Rapids green affordable housing program. 

In addition, he helps administer Enterprise Green Communities on Low-income Housing Projects across the midwest region. Brett has his Bachelor's Degree from Aquinas College in the Sustainable Business program and previously served as a USGBC West MI board member (6 years). Brett lives in West Michigan with his wife and two young children - in a home that's seeking zero-energy certification via a renovation in a cost-neutral way to show that anyone can do it.

Show Highlights

  • How volunteering, the right questions, and Starbuck will open doors and allow you to fail upwards?
  • Green Home Institute (GHI) empowers people to make healthier and more sustainable choices. 
  • Education, training, and awareness on green building practices for new and existing homes. 
  • Certify homes and multifamily buildings either to LEED standards or Enterprise Green or Southface 
  • Entice developers build low income housing.
  • The Heartland and Middle America is the second hardest place to convince people to support green building. 
  • Incorporating the five pillars of green energy.
  • The bigger conversation about when we're using energy and that it matches when renewables are being produced in our region. 
  • 24/7 zero carbon for real-time air quality.
  • Michigan is the “canary in the coalmine.”

“As we start the transition more to our homes and working from home, this is going to become even more important that we deal with sustainability in our housing.”

- Brett Little

Brett Little Transcript

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