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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Mar 31, 2021

Kevin Bright is the Energy and Sustainability Director for the City of Rochester and Destination Medical Center (DMC). He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Geology and a Master’s degree in Energy and Environmental Analysis. He is a LEED Accredited Professional for two rating systems – building design and construction (BD+C) and operations and maintenance (O+M). He is also accredited as a Certified Energy Manager by the Association of Energy Engineers. He has worked in sustainability leadership roles at Harvard University, Colby College and now the DMC and City of Rochester for more than 12 years.

Kevin's key duties for the City of Rochester and DMC include: 

  • Implementing the City's Energy Action Plan;
  • Supporting sustainability strategies to reduce resource consumption across the organization; and
  • Fostering a culture of sustainability.


Show Highlights

  • The differences, intersections and importance of energy vs sustainability.
  • Minnesota’s organization and programs to collaborate on their ambitious goals to advance sustainability, environmental, and equitable outcomes. 
    1. Efforts on ways address and promote more of an urbanist feel. 
    2. Integrating sustainability deeply in the public infrastructure projects associated with economic development to influence private developments.
    3. The collaboration and the willingness to collaborate from large companies to create opportunity. 
  • Actions Kevin’s taking to advance more resilient and equitable communities.
  • Develop understanding, appreciation and education on how people live across the world.
  • How to give  voice to the communities you serve and be a leader, an ally to fight it and be anti-racist?
  • The municipality work will continue to grow sustainable jobs/
  • Destination Medical Projects sustainability motto to create an American city for health.
  • The importance to be a global citizen.
  • Kevin stresses the importance of being curious,maximizing the resources, and knowing where the best place to plant a tree is. 
  •  Infrastructure strategies that zero in on improving health equity in communities.


“We all lead very different lives, and communities are being disproportionately impacted by the impacts of climate change as we speak. Unless we integrate these voices, this lived experience in our future planning efforts, we're going to miss the boat. We're not going to hit the mark that we're seeking, and we're going to further inequities that exist today.”

-Kevin Bright


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