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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Aug 22, 2018

Today is a special episode where host Charlie Cichetti shares his “Top 10 Tips to Make Your LEED Project a Success.” Many of the tips focus on new LEED projects, but the principles can be applied to some older projects too. Listen to the entire episode to hear Charlie unpack each tip for you!

Top 10 Tips to Make Your LEED Project a Success


  1.    Decide to go for LEED early. IPD.


  1.    Set expectations of each team member on the design + construction iteam early.


  1.    Don’t just chase LEED points and check boxes.


  1.    Use the Energy Model as collaboration after getting modeler up to speed on wish list ECM’s.


  1.    Keep a consistent LEED update meeting format and agenda so everyone comes prepared.


  1.    Partner with the Contractor, share examples, and then have subs sort LEED data to the top.


  1.    Make sure your LEED Online data is consistent so you don’t get flagged (people count, SqFt, etc.).


  1.    Commissioning (Cx) expectations set early and try to avoid wasted testing visits.


  1.    When LEED Review comments come back, use narratives and only answer what they are asking for!


  1.    Market Your Building as a Green Building!


To hear host Charlie Cichetti unpack all of his “Top 10 Tips to Make Your LEED Project a Success,” download and listen to the entire episode!


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