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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Feb 25, 2021

Sue Clark is a LEED Fellow, WELL AP and WELL Faculty with Tengbom Architects, where she serves as Project Leader in Sustainability. Sue is also Interim WELL Manager at Sweden Green Building Council and a member of SGBC's LEED Advisory Committee.

Beginning in 2006, Sue worked extensively with the Canada Green Building Council, leading one of CaGBC’s LEED certification assessment teams and serving on multiple volunteer groups including CaGBC’s Technical Advisory Group for Sites and Water. After moving to Sweden in 2011, Sue brought her expertise in LEED to Sweden Green Building Council, where she organized the Council’s LEED Advisory Committee, LEED working groups and multiple task forces to address issues of implementing LEED in Sweden. 

As a LEED Consultant, Sue has participated on more than a dozen LEED projects across Canada, and in Sweden she led the LEED consultancy on Mästerhuset, Stockholm's first LEED NC Platinum project. Now working with Tengbom, Sue joins the firm's sustainability group implementing ambitious goals for a better built environment in Sweden and beyond. As the first WELL AP in the Nordics and a WELL Faculty member, Sue works to support and educate on the WELL system with individuals and organisations interested in applying better health and wellbeing practices to the built environment.


Show Highlights

  • An architecture degree provides a great education for looking at things comprehensively.
  • A point of comparison on how consultants interface with contractors and different building cultures work with innovation.
  • The tapestry of complementary environmental certification systems and standards of green building in Sweden
    1. No fossil fuel resources within the national borders.
    2. The ladder of certifications-BREEAM, LEED and Miljöbyggnad. 
  • Tengbom is one of the oldest architectural firms in the world focusing every build to be healthier, climate ready, low carbon impact and circular.
  • Internal competences to address the EU and Sweden’s climate declaration, mandates, and emerging legislative trends. 
  • Buildings are not designed appropriately for the future. 
  • Climate adapted building and the tools that address climate risks for that specific location and design strategies.  
  • How cat food and drywall pushed transparency?


“This industry is just so much about personal relationships that I'd say it's really totally worth doing. The other thing I would recommend is beware the specialization, stay a generalist, as long as you can. I think the people out there that are really great at sustainability are really great generalists, and there will always be this temptation to go down these different rabbit holes of sustainability, like becoming a daylight expert or an LCA expert. It's not that these things aren't fantastic, but the more you specialize, the more you have to sacrifice this comprehensive picture.”

-Sue Clark


Sue Clark Transcript


Sue Clark’s Show Resource and Information




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