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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Sep 5, 2018

Jorge Lopez, Founder and current Chairman of Eosis, Inc., joins Charlie Cichetti. Jorge received the LEED Fellow recognition from the U.S. Green Building Council in 2016.  He spends his time between Austin, Texas which he calls home and Mexico where he is from and has several sustainability projects. Eosis is a independent high-performance energy-modeling and LEED consulting firm, based in Austin, Texas.


Jorge Lopez – Traveling, Sharing and Learning

Jorge studied architecture and graduated from ITESO (Universidad Iberoamericana) specializing in sustainable design and construction.  He then graduated from the Architectural Association in London, receiving a Masters degree in Housing and Urbanism. In 2014, Jorge participated in the program Leadership in Sustainability at the UBC in Vancouver. Although Jorge is based out of Austin, Texas he travels frequently to México and Latin America.  He has lectured and participated in forums in different cities, the US and Latin America, and teaches graduate courses at several universities such as UNAM, ITESO, Ibero and ITESM.

"I love traveling for this." – Jorge Lopez


Sustainability Concept is Essential

A consultant with an architecture firm from New York City introduced Jorge to the sustainability concept.  He discovered that sustainability is a great way to give purpose to the design. Clients want sustainability and having the tool to design with sustainability is essential.

"Having this lever of energy modeling and letting the client know what the consequences of their decisions became a powerful tool." – Jorge Lopez


Consequently, the architecture firm began to design LEED buildings.


Several Early Influencers and Achievements

Jorge has several mentors that he admires.  He also learns from those he dislikes if they have great careers and are intelligent. In addition, Jorge mentors others and believes it is very important for them to learn sustainability information.  


Greatest achievement….”is having my own firm and keeping it going.” – Jorge Lopez


Advice Jorge shares is the importance of the research from the World Green Building Council about the impact of green buildings.


To hear more of Jorge’s sustainability entrepreneurship story, download and listen to the episode!



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