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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Feb 7, 2018

Shaping the Construction Data Industry and BIM with Arol Wolford

Arol Wolford served as the CEO of Construction Market Data and SmartBIM. He has devoted his career trying to balance the function, aesthetics, costs, and energy impacts of buildings through the creation of software that will make it possible for architects and engineers.


"More money is being spent counting and measuring things in the United States than is spent for all of design. It is such a huge waste." - Arol Wolford

Importance of Quantity Survey

Arol emphasizes the importance of quantity survey in buildings. He discusses how relevant it is to the energy movement.


In a quantity survey, a builder would determine how many units are needed for a specific component. Architects specially need it to make an appropriate analysis of the building.

Leader in the Construction Industry

Since 1982, Arol and his team evolved into a global leader in building information. They offer a variety of well-known information sources.


Together, they sold the CMD Group to Reed Elsevier for $300 million. He went to become a Board Member of Revit Technology Corporation, which created the first parametric building modeler.

Accolades Over the Years

Arol is a pioneer and passionate advocate of building intelligence. Apart from CMD, he also founded other companies including SmartBIM and VIZZ.


In 1997, he became an honorary member of the American Institute of Architects and an honorary board in 2007. He also received the Construction Specification Institute President's Award in 1999.


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