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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Feb 23, 2022

Michael Driedger, while standing in a dumpster full of drywall in 1996 (drywall he had installed in 1995), had an epiphany. We couldn't have survived as a species for 60 or so thousand years if we always behaved this way. Using his archeology degree to discover how we used to build and behave, Michael has given his life to the search for ways to bring back ancient construction wisdom while leveraging modern technologies.

Having worked in the construction, design and green building research sectors since 2005, Michael has found many answers to the questions he began asking in 1996. With years of diverse experiences from which to draw, he now works with others to guide their own searches for ways to build better buildings, better businesses, and better lives.

Show Highlights

  • Sustainability and energy modeling without bias interference. 
  • Sustainability's real problems are integration problems. 
  • Setting back the thermostat in hotels and other buildings snowballs energy savings. 
  • Why is air infiltration the biggest enemy?
  • Simple and sustainable building ideas.
  • LEED is environmental accounting, but LEED’s scorecard is heavily weighted. 
  • Real-time indoor air quality IT devices now allow direct connection to multiple devices in a specific space.
  • Benefits of Airsset, to assist with solutions, compliance reports and selecting the best rating systems.  
  • Build your strategy on specifics, instead of vagueness, when making plans for adequate air quality in buildings. 

Key Quote 

“The only way you can make positive changes is with lots of different people, with lots of different skill sets.” 

-Michael Driedger


Michael Driedger Transcript


Michael Driedger’s Show Resource and Information


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