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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Aug 18, 2021

Ibrahim Kronfol is a Project Manager, Senior Mechanical Engineer, and Sustainability & Value Engineering Auditor with over 15 years of experience at Dar Al Handasah, with a successful career record and extensive design and management experience of major projects in the Gulf & Middle East.

With the firm since 2005, working on a wide range of sustainability, Building Services, Infrastructure, Energy, Water and Project Management sectors, Ibrahim has contributed to a range of diverse applications within the construction industry. He has provided sustainable engineering design solutions for the various design aspects of a wide range of projects, encompassing Airports; Hotels; Commercials, Residential, Mixed Use; Medical Centers, Hospitals; Educational Facilities, Presidential Palaces and many others. Ibrahim has developed a comprehensive understanding supported by academic certifications of Project Management Procedures, Value Engineering Practices & Green Buildings Design throughout his career experience.

Ibrahim is the Chair of Education and awareness at Lebanon Green Building Council and the Founder of "Sustainability Movement", with a Mission to work on community transformation towards sustainability. The Movement's major achievements include Green Apple Day of Service campaigns, Innovation Energy Challenges, teachers training programs, Green Champion and others with an impact on over 55,000 Students and 1,200 Teachers since 2012.

In 2020, Ibrahim was distinguished by GBCI as a LEED Fellow and he is currently a member of the LEED Fellow Evaluation committee.


Show Highlights

  • How does DAR Group support the region with partnerships?
  • Solutions to implement sustainability targets. 
  • Technical Advisory Groups (TAGS) and these committees’ benefits. 
  • Impact and importance of volunteering.
    • The Green Apple Day of Service, a global volunteering event with the USGBC’s Center for Green Schools.
  • Coordination efforts between the trades and the harder parts of sustainability.
  • SMART systems are more suitable for sustainability.

“We need everyone to join the green revolution. Professionals, experts, and non-experts. The public needs to get involved. Everyone can make a small contribution by getting involved in the sustainability practices and creating change, especially for the younger generation at the personal level.”

-Ibrahim Kronfol


Ibrahim Kronfol Transcript


Ibrahim Kronfol’s Show Resource and Information


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