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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Sep 23, 2020

Michael is responsible for the development of new markets and services and to provide corporate leadership for HEAPY (the wholly owned subsidiary the Design/Build construction services company HEAPY.). In this role, his team develops the “what’s next” to enhance client service experience and produce colleague advancement opportunities. To emphasize a keen focus on the HEAPY Vision of “Building a more Resilient and Sustainable Society”, new markets and services are centered on Smart Technologies Integration, Distributed Energy Resources, Resiliency Planning, Energy as a Service (EaaS), etc.

Michael has presented at several National and Regional Conferences including: Greenbuild, AIA National Convention, International Living Futures UnConference, National Conference on Building Commissioning, the World Energy Engineering Conference, Greening the Heartland and the US Institute for Theater Technology Conference.

He is on the Industrial Advisory Committee for the University of Dayton Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and served as a Fellow for the Hobart Center for Food Service Sustainability. He was a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for the former EDC Magazine, writing a column focused on Sustainability. He leads sustainability on the local level as Co-Chair of the Dayton (Ohio) Regional Green Initiative ( and is a past Regional Chair for the U.S Green Building Council’s College and University based USGBC Students Program. He recently served as Chair of USGBC Ohio.

HEAPY is a nationally recognized MEP&T Systems Design, Sustainability, and Planning & Commissioning Services firm. Heapy has an outstanding record of providing practical sustainable-based smart solutions for today’s high performance buildings. The HEAPY HQ achieved LEED PLATINUM.

Michael’s experience with projects in both the public and private sectors shows, when properly planned and executed throughout the entire design and construction process, every project can be Resilient, Environmentally Responsible, Energy Efficient AND Cost Effective.


Show Highlights 


  • Building holistically by looking at the entire client's portfolio to create a plan that blends standards 
  • Position your green building projects and jobs to be recession proof 
  • Michael’s unique building systems as an innovation officer on solar and smart grids
  • Concepts that look at how you make the best use of renewables and what's next in buildings
  • Stick to your convictions when determining the path for your career
  • Outside of the box thinking that impacts long term needs and deferred maintenance for green building


“This market is still ginormous. This is the opportunity to help move the world, your community, and your family forward by being green and by living green. Helping others to do that too will give you a rewarding and impactful life. That's what we're all looking for. How can I be of impact? Being in the sustainability movement certainly is. It is questions answered.”

-Michael Berning


Michael Berning Transcript


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