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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Mar 30, 2022

Fran Dean-Bishop believes the key to developing and maintaining a great workforce strategy is prioritizing the health and wellbeing of those within your company. She helps high growth organizations create sustainable, healthy workplaces and spaces to foster well being, resilience and increased productivity within their employees.

As an award-winning founder and leader of a health and technology-driven organization, Fran’s goal is to help organizations design and execute strategic-integrated wellbeing programs to create thriving cultures & people.


Her expertise includes:

  • Strategic Design|Creation of Work life Health & Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Digital Health|Fitness|Wellness Content, Resources & LMS Creation
  • Optimization of Employee Engagement
  • Updating Legacy Health & Wellness Systems
  • Management of Health-Wellness Facilities and Systems
  • Occupational Health & Safety Programs
  • Fostering Workplace Culture from the perspective of Worklife Balance
  • Health Program Expert with a focus on Digital Health


Having gained experience as a building stakeholder, Fran possesses a level of knowledge that allows her to provide valuable insights that will support stakeholder development and capacity building within companies.

Clients are CHOs, CHROS, CWO and Business Leaders that want to create a highly profitable and healthy workplace experience. 

Using leading skills and extensive understanding of organizational development, we aim to guide companies through highly effective management consulting, digital wellness systems, technical advisory, health data analytics, workforce development, and LMS training programs.

Show Highlights

  • Prescribing executive wellness programs and training for corporate America.
  • The three different frames to Aerobodies. 
  • Fran shares what matters most in entrepreneurship.
  • What employers are looking for to determine how the green industry moves in a different direction?
  • Tips on how to find your place in a multi-billion dollar industry. 
  • The footprint to support leaders, companies and organizations create  a healthy and safe environment for their workforce. 
  • Innovators who  disrupted their industries completely.
  • Resurgence of a hybrid work environment to maintain a work life balance.

“No matter how well you train your body…no matter what you put in your body…if the environment you're in is not healthy and safe, it's all for not. It's really money down the drain.”

-Fran Dean-Bishop


Fran Dean- Bishop Transcript

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