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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Jan 13, 2021

Esteban Martinez is an architect and civil engineer from the Universidad de los Andes.  He received his Master’s Degree in Sustainable Design from the Boston Architectural College and complementary studies in Sustainable Urbanism from the Rotterdam School of Architecture. Esteban holds the following credentials: LEED AP BD&C, LEED AP O&M, GREEN RATER, and Certified Building Commissioning Professional from the Association of Energy Engineers. 

Martinez is Co-Founder and Director of Sustainability at Green Loop, in Bogota, Colombia – South America where he brings his vast array of experience as a sustainability consultant, energy modeler, and commissioning agent. Esteban has worked on over 180 different projects located in Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador and EEUU.

In Colombia there are very few companies that develop sustainable architecture in every sense of the word. Most of them are exclusively limited to bioclimatic development, which represents only a small branch of sustainability in buildings.

At an industrial level, most of the companies that work on ERUs are limited only to the analysis at the energy level, without going into the design and layout of buildings, and therefore the correct use of natural resources. By integrating the energy branch, with the design and rational use of other resources, it is possible to maximize the reduction of operational costs and therefore greater competitiveness of its products both nationally and internationally.


Show Highlights


  • Building in Latin America and mandates that are pushing efficiency.
  • The benefits of a dual degree in engineering and architectural for bigger impact. 
  • How a “fluke” started the whole green building movement in Colombia?
  • Esteban’s entrepreneurial journey to bringing LEED projects to Colombia.
  • Energy simulations and  bio climatic analysis  throughout the world.
  • A LEED gold rating system with less than 1% of extra costs. 
  • Materials that adapt to what the environment is bringing. 
  • The client looking at money is a good part of the sustainable equation.
  • The impact Greenbuild has on your career.


“Remember that sustainability is about people, planet, and profit. If the profit is not there, your client will probably do the project that you're pursuing, but he will never do it again. If it doesn't make economical sense, it's not sustainable.”

-Esteban Martinez

Esteban Martinez Transcript


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