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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Oct 2, 2019

About this Episode

Dean D’Angelo joins Green Building Matters Podcast from South Florida and unpacks his background in sales, entrepreneurship, construction, and everything he is doing at GBES with Corporate Education. Dean is the Director of Corporate Education at Green Building Education Services.

Key Talking Points

  1. Dean’s first focus on sustainability
  2. Background in business and construction
  3. Mentors and Achievements
  4. Roles in his journey to sustainability
  5. Corporate education and training
  6. Pain points for clients

Key Milestones of the Episode

[01:07] Dean’s introduction

[03:52] Dean’s first focus on sustainability

[05:10] Mentors that took Dean under their wing

[07:00] Achievements that Dean is proud of

[12:45] Intrapreneurial

[16:18] Pain points for clients

[20:02] Dean’s rituals

Key Quotes

  1. “I didn’t become more sustainability minded until I matured and starting thinking of others and not myself.”
  2. “One of the constant themes in my life is that I like to help people.”
  3. “My proudest achievement that I always fall back on is my family and friends.”
  4. “I am very thankful for the culture we have at GBES that lends to that intrapreneurial spirit.”
  5. “People are falling through the cracks because they are so busy.  We are helping to provide a tool to give them their time back.”

Key Resources

  1. Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday
  2. Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt

Learn More About Dean D'Angelo

Dean D’Angelo is a business-minded serial entrepreneur who has experience in all areas of operating a successful business. Working in multiple industries has provided a priceless education and has allowed Dean to manage a variety of projects and work with many talented individuals. Dean has created and launched new brands, as well as develop and manage multi-million dollar real estate projects. 



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