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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Apr 24, 2019

Erik Ring has a breadth of experience in engineering, consulting, design, analysis, and commissioning for green building projects.  Erik is a Principal and the Director of Engineering at LPA, Inc., an integrated design firm specializing in sustainable design for commercial, educational, civic, sports and recreation, and health care projects.

Erik has provided MEP systems design, energy modeling, LEED documentation coordination, energy efficiency consulting, and commissioning services to numerous green building projects, including over fifty completed LEED-NC and LEED-CI projects.


Erik Ring - Early Career

Erik grew up in a college town named Lawrence in Kansas. He wanted to see another part of the world so he went to Harvey Mudd College and earned a BS in Engineering and then to the University of California, Berkeley where he earned an MS in Architecture.  Erik still lives in California today.

“At Berkeley I was able to work with the building science group and learned a lot about thermal comfort and gained a different attitude and approaches as to what makes a building comfortable, healthy, and sustainable. - Erik Ring


LEED Experiences

Erik did some early LEED (version 1.0) work when LEED was just a pilot program. After grad school he was fortunate to work on some brand new LEED projects right when the first public version of LEED was released in 2000-2001.

“I was able to cut my teeth on the engineering side of what made those early LEED (version 2.0) projects and that helped me learn a lot about how the industry was approaching green buildings and develop my own kind of attitudes and ideas towards what I thought about green buildings and how I wanted to approach and apply that to the projects I’m working on.” - Erik Ring


Rituals and Routines

In Erik’s firm they talk a lot about balance and taking the time for all the other things in your life. He strives to shut down after a hard day and head home to spend time with his family or head to the gym. Taking the dogs on a walk is a time he enjoys reflecting.

“I think it is important to find time in your day and in your routine to relax and reflect on the day ahead.” - Erik Ring


Book Recommendations

Factfullness by Hans Rosling

Wild Ones by John Mooallem

Tune into this podcast to listen to the rest of Erik Ring’s journey in this podcast hosted by Charlie.


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