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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Jun 26, 2019

Nate Adams, The House Whisperer

About this Episode  

In this episode, we talk with Nate Adams, aka “The House Whisperer” about the residential side of things, particularly energy performance. 

Nate shares how he got into the field of improving home energy performance and 

the powerful movement he is supporting to help make energy efficiency the norm in the industry. 


Key Talking Points 

  • Nate’s nontraditional route into the “green” movement
  • The “Electrify Everything” movement & Nate’s mission to improve energy      performance in every home
  • Why home performance needs a measurement upgrade
  • The importance of teaching while learning to make a stronger movement


Key Milestones of the Episodes

[1:19] Nate’s background

[2:13] Nate’s nontraditional route into sustainability

[4:16] The “Electrify Everything” Movement

[8:00] Nate’s movement into the “entrepreneur” side of building green

[14:03] The “House Whisperer” Process

[20:13] What should the industry be focused on?

[21:57] Why we need standardized energy measures

[23:59] Consistent routines & teaching while evolving


Key Quotes

The math has flipped to where renewable energy is the least expensive source [of energy] in most places.” 


Key Resource

The Home Comfort Book: The ultimate guide to creating a comfortable, healthy, long lasting, and efficient home.


Other Resources

An Inconvenient Truth

Electrify Everything! A Practical Guide to Ditching Your Gas Meter

Energy-Efficient Homes Are Worth More. So Let’s Create an Easy Metric for Buyers

An Efficiency Manifesto: Energy and Home Performance Programs Need Serious Reform


Get in Contact with Nate

Nate Adams is the owner of The House Whisperer, green building industry writer, consultant, business partner for One Knob Consulting and Energy Home Performance, and author of “The Home Comfort Book”

The House Whisperer Website

Nate Adams on LinkedIn

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