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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Jan 12, 2022

Balaji Sreenivasan is the founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and board member at Aurigo Software Technologies based in Austin, TX. Balaji has played a critical role in shaping Aurigo over the last 18 years to be a modern enterprise cloud software business that is helping (construction) infrastructure owners plan and build over $300 billion of capital projects more efficiently.

Balaji spends his time on product strategy, customer delight, and enabling the amazing people at Aurigo to be their best. He is an alumnus of the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Trichy, and the University of Florida, Gainesville.

Aurigo has helped plan and deliver over 40,000 projects across North America. Their customers include eight US DOTs, the Ministry of Transportation, Ontario, and several large agencies, including Cities of Seattle, Houston, and Las Vegas, and the Dallas Area Rapid Transit, to name a few.

Aurigo is North America's #1 provider of Enterprise Cloud Software that helps Infrastructure owners plan and build smarter so they can build better.

Their mission is to digitally transform the way capital infrastructure, such as roads, highways, sea ports, airports, water authorities and light rail transits are planned and delivered in North America. They have a leading portfolio of software subscription offerings with over $100M bookings.


Show Highlights

  • Aurigo, a cloud based enterprise focused on infrastructure and the construction lifecycle from an owner's perspective.
  • Combination of business opportunity and core skills to benefit infrastructure.
  • What drove Balaji to fill gaps in this industry?
  • Entrepreneurship tips on building a network, finding mentors, and later angel investors.
  • A platform to deliver funded projects across the US.
  • ​​Infrastructure and resiliency and so much more?
  • Native mobile apps that harness data across the entire construction lifecycle to make better decisions at every stage.
  • Project Sentiment Analysis from conceptual design to ribbon cutting. 

“Everyone out there, if they're not thinking of sustainability, thinking about how to have an infrastructure asset that can protect the environment and not harm it…they're not thinking of building a better tomorrow. They may not be asking themselves: how do I build a better tomorrow? You build a better tomorrow by planning with confidence; you build with quality and you maintain with efficiency.”

-Balaji Sreenivasan


Balaji Sreenivasan Transcript


Balaji Sreenivasan’s Show Resource and Information



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