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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Apr 6, 2022

Nitin Govila, is an engineer, entrepreneur, meditation trainer and the Managing Director of the Asia-Pacific-Serge Ferrari - a leader in the flexible composite material sector. His scope of operations covers: Japan, Korea, China, Hongkong, India, ASEAN, Australia-NZ, Middle-East & Africa business areas of Serge Ferrari. Based in Singapore, he is also a family man and is actively involved in Heartfulness activities in SE Asia. Nitin has been a Heartfulness practitioner for almost 20 years and a certified trainer for 16 years.

Show Highlights

  • The driving factor behind the success working in different countries and how businesses work within those countries.
  • Reflecting on the evolution and global impact of sustainability programs, regulations, and materials developed for various regions for maximum impact today. 
  • The importance of meditation to activate your gut and inner voice when making life changing decisions.
  • Asia Pacific - Serge Ferrari, A transversal company and world leader in composite material.
  • Systems, structures, materials, technology and recycling you can attach to any manufacturing entity.
  • Pro tips on a new and interesting concept unique to the industry.
  • A recommendation to challenge the concepts, organizations, operational strategies and who should and shouldn’t be included.


“You need to be courageous enough to question things, to question the processes you have, because sometimes we are so ingrained, as companies, in our own processes.”

-Nitin Govila

Nitin Govila Transcript

Nitin Govila’s Show Resource and Information

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