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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Feb 28, 2018

GBMS 006 Peter Smith Emerging Technology Transforms WELL Building Standards


Peter Smith is the Sr. VP at International WELL Building Institute IWBI where he works to transform buildings in ways that help people thrive. On today’s show, Charlie and Peter discuss the ways that buildings, and everything in them, can enhance and not compromise, our health and wellness.


“As sensors become more sophisticated, cost effective, and more consumer oriented, we will see an immediate shift...and have to be more responsive to air quality demands by occupants.” Peter Smith

The Road to Green Building

Peter has always had a passion for architecture and design and being outdoors. He and his brothers spent a lot of time growing up playing outside and visiting national parks. Peter developed that passion into transforming the outdoor environment into the built environment.


In college, Peter majored in Environmental Economics which merged traditional economics with environmental studies. He really began to focus his future on the notion of Green Building with his capstone project.

Green Building Influences Campuses

For his capstone project, Peter inventoried several buildings at Colgate to determine the inefficiencies and measures that could be put forward to improve them.


The second seminar focused on economics. Peter ran an econometric model to understand the prevalence of green buildings at higher ed institutions. His research began to impact faculty and staff and the hiring a Head of Sustainability and started a ‘Roundtable of Sustainability’ for students.


To hear more about how changing technology can improve the environment within a building and  the local community, download and listen to the episode!


Connect with Peter Smith:

Peter Smith Bio

Peter is Senior Vice President, Business Development at IWBI. Prior to working at IWBI, Peter was Vice President of Delos Solutions. Delos is committed to transforming the built environment by placing health and wellness at the center of its design and construction. In addition, Peter worked as a Sustainability Consultant at Steven Winter Associates. SWA specializes in energy, sustainability, and accessibility consulting.  


Peter holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Economics from Colgate University. He maintains a LEED AP Homes accreditation. He is currently pursuing his Master’s in Business Administration from Columbia University.


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