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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Mar 3, 2021

SUMMER MINCHEW, Managing Partner of Ecoimpact Consulting has managed the certification of more than 1.5 million square feet of green building space. Her expertise in sustainable design and construction is backed by 17 years of experience in green building rating systems, design guides, building product standards and certifications.

Summer specializes in green building certification project management demonstrating exceptional technical proficiency in documentation and submission for LEED, Enterprise Green Communities and Green Globes rating systems. Summer is a LEED Fellow who holds professional credentials as a LEED Accredited Professional with ID+C and O+M specialties.

Recognized by the Charlotte Business Journal as a 2020 Women In Business Achievement Award winner and a 2018 40 under Forty award recipient and awarded Most Inspiring Individual at Sustain Charlotte’s 2019 Charlotte Sustainability Awards, her career and civic achievements are numerous. As a leader in the industry, Summer is co-chair for the US Green Building Council Carolinas Community Market Leadership Advisory Board and the Health Product Declaration Collaborative Third-party Verification Technical Subcommittee. Summer’s commitment to the future of green building is also seen in her role as an educator. She is a recognized LEEDuser Expert offering advice to LEED practitioners internationally, and is contributing author of Sustainable Commercial Interiors, Second Edition, published by Wiley & Sons. 

Show Highlights

  • Eco Impact focus and projects on sustainable strategies for business.
  • A social equity initiative for community based LEED initiatives.
  • Bread for the City -Michael Marshall Design.
  • City of Charlotte’s robust sustainability action plan.
    •  Strategic energy action plan. 
    • LEED certification facilities based on their goals for 2040.
  • Wide green building adoption with building regulatory frameworks. 
  • Useful tool for market transformation that compares policies and various US jurisdictions.
  • Volunteering is an extension of green building and essential network.
  • A program that verifies the accuracy of HPDs to provide additional levels of transparency. 
  • How to push benchmarking forward within the constraints of a city?

“Health and wellness are at the forefront of this discussion as they should be. But let's not forgo sustainability for wellness because there is room for both at the table.”

-Summer Minchew


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