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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Apr 24, 2024



Emmanuel Pauwels is a Regenerative Practitioner. He is a highly communicative, practical, and reliable individual who lives in the world of the five senses. He is curious and needs mental variety in life. He has an analytical and critical side and is an eternal student, enjoying rapport and exchanging ideas with people. 


He is ambitious, enjoys material comfort and everything sensual and nature-related. When we look at the way we design and build our buildings, the only way forward is by creating good green buildings. Buildings that lead to improved health for homeowners, reduced impact on the environment and profit for the building industry. Emmanuel is a strong believer in a new paradigm for the Real Estate Industry which is based on trust based team formation, early collaboration, built-in sustainability and transformational leadership.


Show Highlights


  • Evolving beyond traditional sustainability practices towards regenerative thinking, creating systems for new possibilities. 

  • Emmanuel highlights courses emphasizing understanding life and applying it strategically to project development.

  • Regenerative Design's innovative nature as a "thinking technology" transforming construction processes. 

  • Upcoming initiatives on integrative processes and facilitation roles to enhance professional capabilities in line with regenerative principles.

  • The shift towards regenerative thinking incorporating principles from living systems science and fostering systemic understanding. 

  • Regenerative design presented as a meta technology in policymaking at a European level.

  • Exploration of new roles and opportunities for professionals in evolving sustainable practices.

  • Strategic decision-making and intervention points in regenerative design processes.


“Regenerative development design is a thinking technology that has the same power that can really change the way we're going to work. And in that sense, for me, it's a real innovation. Because without regeneration there is no future.”

-Emmanuel Pauwels


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