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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Dec 18, 2019

About the Episode

In this episode, we have Green Building professional Alan Scott. We will talk about the early days in Philadelphia and the early days with the living building challenge.  Alan is a successful leader and works with many groups of individuals in the green building and sustainable sector striving for meaningful results.

Tune in to this episode to hear more about Alan’s journey.


Key Talking Points

  1. Getting to know Alan
  2. Living in Oregon
  3. Alan’s journey in Architecture
  4. Sustainability of Green building movement
  5. Alan’s special gift
  6. Routines and Rituals
  7. Career Advice and word of encouragement


Key Milestones of the Episode

[01:19]  Introduction of Alan Scott

[03:19]  Starting career in Architect

[05:22]  Aha moments

[08:24]  Career at Green movement

[10:15]  Finding Team members

[14:08]  Alan’s Projects                               

[19:27]  Importance of Resilience

[23:27]  Alan’s specialty

[24:38]  Alan’s rituals and routines for success

[25:49]  Alan’s bucket list

[29:37]  Alan’s Wish in Career

[30:25]  Words of Encouragement for new fellows


Key Quotes from the Episode

  1. “When I talk about something I care about that really gets me out there and doing things on a timeline”.
  2. “My superpower is empathy and that actually grew out of my introversion.”
  3. “I connect at a deeper level with the people around me.”
  4. “I'm an early riser even before the birds in the morning without an alarm clock and I treasure that for quiet time”.
  5. “I wish somebody had pushed me earlier to not play it safe and be bold and take chances and do it with humility and clarity of attention.”
  6. “Stay open to possibility.”


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Learn More about Alan Scott

Alan is an experienced leader, strategist, architect and consultant, successful at guiding teams to create and maintain high performance buildings and sustainable built environments. In a world of specialists, a conductor, orchestrating the vital talents of technical experts to lead teams in concert toward ideal solutions and meaningful results for clients. Skilled facilitator and teacher, engaging groups and individuals in professional development, goal setting and problem solving activities.



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