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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Nov 18, 2020

Angi Rivera has over 15 years of Sustainability Management experience and is the Managing Director + Project Manager at GreenShape, LLC. Formerly Regional Sustainability Practice Leader of one of the world’s largest Architecture and Engineering firms, Angi has managed Sustainable Design and Planning for both government and commercial globally. Angi has worked on a vast array of projects including: new and renovated mixed-use, residential, military, educational, industrial, correctional, and medical program facilities. 



  • MA Environment and Energy 2004
  • Architectural Association, London
  • Bachelor of Architecture 2001
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Louisiana State University, 2000


Show Highlights 


  • The positives and negatives of working for a large global company 
  • Angi shares her experience working in the UK that kick started her career 
  • Networking and getting involved in USGBC is invaluable 
  • Learn how GreenShape’s projects were very integral early on in the sustainability movement in DC and what they are working on now. 
  • The reward of ambitious sustainability goals, impacts of daylight analysis, and all the energy modeling you could possibly do for all the different options on your projects
  • How to intentionally communicate with force and respect when dealing with stressors in Green Building. A tip to help you find level understanding. 
  • Technical design changes that impact energy consumption to quantify how your designs make sense.


“[when planning a new development] We always have community meetings. We have the planning initiatives, but far too often, a large segment of that community does have its voice heard, because they're either not active participants or they have been made to feel that they're not invited or welcomed to participate. Whatever the reason, part of our planning and part of our input process needs to include everyone. We need to also understand how we gentrify areas. We need to be more sympathetic to how our developments impact entire populations of people who have built their lives in a particular neighborhood and go far beyond giving just a small percentage of the neighborhood the ability to remain where they chose to live and make their life. We displace entire groups of people and it really shouldn't happen as it does now.” 

-Angi Rivera


Angi Rivera Transcript


Angi Rivera’s Show Resource and Information



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