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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Jul 7, 2022

Marty Rozmanith is an entrepreneur and building construction professional with a passion for housing affordability and sustainability topics.  Marty is best known for his role leading the product requirements team for the Revit building modeler (acquired by Autodesk Inc).  As Director of Product Management for Revit Technology Corp, he was one of the originators of the Revit product in addition to other seminal BIM software, such as AutoCAD Architectural Desktop.  He currently serves as Chief Technology Officer for Green Building Holdings LLC in Atlanta.


In his 30+ years of experience, he has held several notable roles. From 2012-2022, Marty was Sales Director and Strategy Director for the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industry team at Dassault Systemes. Prior to this role, Marty held executive positions at various manufacturing-in-construction startup companies focusing on housing affordability and sustainability. Articles about his work have been published in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes magazine and other professional journals. He has a decade of experience in professional practice of building design and structural engineering. Marty holds a degree in Architectural Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University, and a Masters in Business Administration from Boston University.


Show Highlights

  • Marty shares his entrepreneurial journey, career lesson and the importance of mentorship. 
  • A digital instrument service platform for architects and engineers to produce contract deliverables.
  • Moving from “engineered order” to a manufacturing approach to cast a wider impact to move the industry. 
  • Data driven platforms for inputting data to improve the means, methods and delivery of the construction process to make buildings more efficient.
  • Understand how manufacturing drives construction efficiency and sustainability.
  • Tools and companies connected with lifecycle management, better delivery of construction and operations.
  • Marty’s optimism towards sustainability and ability to merge design as an architect show better ways to build.
  • Proptech modules that produce a communication vehicle between the owner and the design team to help improve the projects. 


“I’m always of the philosophy to try - don't be scared of what the hardest thing is, because that's what you're going to learn the most from.”

- Marty Rozmanith


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