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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Aug 31, 2022

Vaishali Sampat is the Director of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility for Kilroy Realty. She joined Kilroy Realty in 2013 in property management, where she worked closely with the sustainability team to identify and implement efficiency projects and achieve building certifications for the West LA/Santa Monica portfolio. In 2018, she transitioned to sustainability full time and is now responsible for Investor Disclosures and Reporting, sourcing efficiency projects and programs, and advancing building decarbonization goals. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for USGBC-LA, ULI-LA’s Leadership Council, and Fitwel Leadership Advisory Board. She is a Fitwel Ambassador, LEED AP O+M accredited, and holds a dual degree in Accounting and Finance from Georgia State University.

Show Highlights

  • Advantages of having a business and financial degree to sell sustainability initiatives. Learn ways to put your unique and varied degrees to good use in green building. 
  • Vaishali shares how to follow your passions to create a rewarding life career.
  • California’s regional needs for creativity with exterior and interior water usage and building types.
  • Reducing the negative impacts of the built environment is going to take more than net zero.  Why carbon capture technology is the next step.
  • Designing projects that are inclusive to existing communities with adaptive materials. 
  • Kilroy stays an industry leader and pioneer by expanding programs and making sustainability an investment and responsibility by
    • retooling, refining  programs to get all of the important leadership decision makers in on the conversation.
    • growing a life science sector.
    • instituting a really robust data management plan.
    • establishing science based targets.
    • designing ways to connect with the existing community.


It's important to expand our program a little bit more. What I mean by that is sustainability is no longer a nice to have. It's a must have. The SEC's ruling (climate disclosure requirements) is coming...In order to be successful, we have to start bringing in other kinds of internal stakeholders into our strategy.” 

-Vaishali Sampat 
















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