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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Dec 19, 2018

Scott Bowman is passionate about high performance buildings and helping design teams succeed. Recently, Scott retired as Principal and Corporate Sustainability Leader with KJWW after 25 years with the firm to develop a consultancy related to early project development, sustainability, high performance, and to help the practice of integrated design to become the norm for the built environment. He represents over 30 years of extensive experience in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering design and overall project management. His specialties include direct digital controls, energy efficiency, sustainable design, LEED, and systems commissioning, but he has also developed significant skills in engaging and leading teams…helping them reach higher performance within constraints of time, site and budget. He is a licensed Professional Engineer and LEED Accredited Professional. Scott has worked extensively with alternate delivery methods such as integrated, design/build, collaborative, negotiated, and fast-track.

Scott Bowman - Exposed to Sustainability

Scott grew up in Mason City, Iowa and graduated from a community college there in Pre-engineering, went to Iowa State University and earned a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering.  Started with a firm in Des Moines and spent rest of his career in Iowa.  That first job was with a smaller foundational firm. Scott retired from KJWW; was their first branch office and he started to  expand that organization with approximately 550 engineers and an extensive sustainability portfolio.

Aha Moment

Scott was fascinated by passive solar and read the book Passive House which really sparked his interest.  His aha moment came in high school in drafting class where they were designing a solar home using passive and active solar.  The 70’s was the first energy crisis he went through and he eventually started designing energy efficient buildings.

"I learned a lot from the idea of how can we use the environment, how can we use our buildings to power themselves, their own conditioning." – Scott Bowman


Scott mentions Frank Pulley as his first mentor.  Frank taught Scott that everything had to have a basis and make sense technically.  Scott had an internal drive for efficiency and reducing the impact on the environment.

"I had some good professors that showed me the holistic view of energy in buildings and looking at the bigger picture instead of what we are contracted for and just what we are suppose to design to." – Scott Bowman

Proudest Achievements

Being part of growing a firm is one of Scott’s proudest achievements. The number of engineers he was able to mentor in those years and working with many quality engineers are included in his career achievements. The Iowa Utility Board Office of Consumer Advocate building in Des Moines. It is still the most efficient building in Iowa.

“That whole process is what really got me into integrated design and why I think it is such an important part of sustainability and green buildings .” – Scott Bowman

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ASHRAE Journal

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