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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Aug 24, 2022

LEED Fellow and Vice President at WSP USA Keith Amann

Keith Amann is a LEED Fellow and part of WSP's specialty sustainability practice Built Ecology (formerly YR&G), and National Practice Leader for their sustainable strategy & certifications services. Dedicated to the goal of creating more sustainable built environments, their team is driven by a hopeful and holistic definition of sustainability that improves human health and well-being, innovates toward climate positive solutions, and strives to create equitable and resilient communities.


Keith has over 15 years of experience providing technical sustainability expertise and project management on a wide variety of project types both in the US and internationally. Keith currently serves on USGBC's LEED Advisory Committee as Chair, USGBC’s LEED Steering Committee, is a recognized FutureReady™ champion for WSP, and has extensive public speaking experience at conferences, universities and for private clients on a variety of smart, healthy and sustainability-related topics.

Show Highlights

  • Keith discusses collaborating on projects to expand roles in delivering the nuances in green building goals and incentive programs.
  • Tackling all the available incentive programs and understanding decarbonization electrification. 
  • Evaluating factors and variables to consider in order to decarbonize efficiently.
  • The changes clients are making to the industry.
  • Areas where green building needs to focus its efforts to address sustainability from a holistic perspective. 
  • The influence in volunteering to guide the next iterations of important programs like LEED to “steer the steering committee.” 
  • Interpreting research and analytics to teams and clients so it is clear and engaging to drive necessary outcomes. 
  • Evolution of Keith’s career led him to WSP’s  specialty sustainability practice Built Ecology.


“Volunteerism has been some of the most rewarding work in my career. I make the time and I'm fortunate to work at a company that values participation in committees and organizations…You get a lot out of it, and it makes you better at your job by hearing different perspectives from all these other industry stakeholders that are also volunteering.”  

-Keith Amann


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