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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Dec 14, 2022

Dean Stanberry,CFM, LEED AP is 1st Vice-Chair, IFMA Global Board of Directors - A strategic facilities management volunteer leader who delivers forward-thinking solutions resolving operational problems. Dean has more than 20 years of broad-based experience in facility management, real estate portfolio management, process and quality improvement, procurement, workplace services, program and project management, space and occupancy planning, sustainability, information systems implementation, and critical environment operations. Prior to his ​recent role as Director – FM Services with Abraxas Energy Consulting, Stanberry worked at JLL, first on the Charles Schwab account and later on the Xerox account. Before that he worked at the Trizetto Group.


An accomplished communicator, he has presented at international FM conferences, published articles and is a contributing author of the book “Technology for Facility Managers.” Stanberry is an active industry advocate; serving in several volunteer leadership roles as a member of IFMA, the IFMA Foundation and the U.S. Green Building Council. He has been an active leader in the IFMA Denver Chapter serving as Treasurer, Vice President and President, earning him a Distinguished Member Award (2005) and Outstanding Contribution by a Professional Member (2006). He served on the IFMA Foundation Board of Trustees (2009-2014) and is currently the chair of the Environmental Stewardship, Utilities and Sustainability Community.

Stanberry studied at the University of Washington, U.S. West Advanced Technical Education Program. He earned an Executive Programs Finance Certificate from Kellogg Graduate School at Northwestern University, a Project Management Certificate from Regis University and both a Process Management Certification and Quality Improvement Process Certification from QualTec. He earned his CFM in 2010.


Show Highlights

  • Dean shares the core competencies of and clears up the difference between a facility manager, a property manager, and a building engineer on multi-tenant for rent versus an owner-occupied property. 
  • IFMA’s education, organization, competency-based credentials.
  • 5 emerging and interesting sustainability topics IFMA is including.
  • Green Building Trends you want to make hands on for your audience. 
  • Environmental is going to be a big component for facility managers.
  • GSA, the General Services Administration is changing the culture of the organization with respect to Carbon.
  • Overcoming the uniqueness and components of historic buildings and Federal facilities.
  • Sustainability and green buildings are pivoting to a primary objective. 


“We're becoming a data driven industry and so we really need to raise the bar for many people in the profession. Doesn't matter which role you have, you need to understand more about sustainability. And that's gonna play heavily into ESG reporting…You need to not just train people on the tool because that's the simple part. You need to train them on why we're doing this. What's the imperative?”

-Dean Stanberry

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