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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Feb 7, 2018

HOK Sustainable Design with Anica Landreneau

Anica Landreneau is the Director of Sustainable Design at HOK. She has devoted her career to energy efficiency and is committed in leading her firm to optimize all projects. At HOK, they carry out the duty and responsibility of designing high-performance buildings.


"Sustainability is about how all these things are interrelated, and relationships and all that we practice are incredibly important to make all these things work." - Anica Landreneau

Stepping Up the Ladder

From a traditional role at a firm, Anica quickly stepped into becoming the green leader. She moved to DC to work at a climate think tank.


During that time, legislation passed regulatory laws for buildings across the country. Her expertise led her to a full-time job, focusing on sustainability at an architecture firm.


Outside of HOK, she is also an appointee on the DC Green Building Council. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Design, Architecture, and Sustainable Design from the University of Houston.

Green Building: A Healthy Choice

As a leader in the field, Anica would teach her colleagues about green building. She has worked with privately owned facilities in her career, too.


Among which was a pediatrics. She enjoys working with such health facilities and connecting green building to human health.

High-Performance Projects at HOK

From the regulatory laws, Anica and her team found a huge demand for high-performance buildings. That led them to create substantial requirements in their projects.


It prompted them to dive into materials research, energy optimization, and cost balancing. They look into various strategies to implement effectively. Form a small firm, they have grown into a network with key experts located at different places.


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