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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Dec 23, 2020

John Dalzell is a Senior Architect for Sustainable Development at the Boston Redevelopment Authority. Leading the City's E+ Green Building and E+ Green Communities Programs which are joint BRA and Department of Neighborhood Development initiatives. John also has served on: the Board of Directors, US Green Building Council, Chair USGBC Location and Planning Technical Advisory Group, Member of the LEED for Neighborhood Development Core Committee, and is a Founding Board Member of the USGBC Massachusetts Chapter.

In 2013, Dalzell was awarded LEED Fellow by the US Green Building Council.  


Show Highlights


  • Revitalizing Boston’s commercial districts was a fundamental sustainability strategy that created the largest urban main street program in the country. 
  • LEED For Neighborhood Development, and other fantastic programs and competitions that will inspire. 
  • Addressing the impacts of sea level rise and climate change to ensure citizens thrive long into the future. 
  • Conversations on climate risk models and the resiliency models. 
  • John reinforces why green building and sustainability is really a group effort and journey.
  • Pioneer design engineering strategies, products and practices that are achieving net zero carbon in public and private development. 
  • The importance of being stewards of a community to connect the national movement with a local city. 



“Ultimately it  comes down to continuing to look at how we function best as a community. In those regards, whether you're volunteering, or serving at the professional level in your town or region, it’s all an expression of caring. A tangible expression of - we do better when we work together. I think that's an important message this time of year, and especially for these last few years.” 

-John Dalzell 


John Dalzell Transcript


John Dalzell ’s Show Resource and Information



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