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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Sep 30, 2020

Marija has graduated in Mechanical Engineering, at the University of Genoa, Italy, and at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. With more than 19-years world wide experience in MEP design for commercial buildings, hospitals, cruise ships and military vessels, she became first female in the Europe Commissioning Authority certified by AABCcg Associated Air Balancing Council Commissioning Group, the official test engineer for the region of Lombardy, and also the expert witness at the Court of Milan.

She is a LEED AP since 2008 and USGBC Faculty™ Faculty since 2011 as well as an accredited DGNB International Auditor.

She has contributed to numerous international LEED projects ( over 300.000 certified sqm) as designer, LEED consultant, LEED process administrator and Commissioning Authority.

Marija administrated and designed the mechanical and electrical systems for the first LEED Core and Shell certified project in Italy (Gold Level) and administered the LEED certification process of the Vodafone Village.

She also introduced the first LEED for Homes pilot projects in Europe.

Starting from 2014, she was the first LEED for Homes Green Rater in Energo.

Marija also develops and teaches courses in the role of USGBC faculty and education partner, having trained over 500 LEED professionals.

Marija Golubovic is founding chairman of SerbiaGBC (2010-2013). 


Show Highlights 


  • Construction is lacking in ethics 
  • The hypocrisy of building the best buildings on a budget
  • The difference and hurdles of building in Italy and Serbia
  • Why Marija recommends everyone start a small company 
  • Hear about Park Smart, technical rigor and all the pioneering projects and commissions Marija and her team are a part of
  • How WELL Health and Safety Rating is complementary to LEED 
  • Social transparency should rate at a higher level in sustainability


“We need to come back to some good social politics strictly related with buildings because buildings are our environment and it cannot be separated or detached.” 

-Marija Golubovic


Marija Golubovic Transcript


Marija Golubovic’s Show Resource and Information


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