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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Nov 13, 2019

About the Episode

In this episode, we have Green Building professional Michelle Halle Stern. The way Michelle grew up has a lot to do with what she does now, and she credits her mentor for that. Michelle grew up in Rockford, Illinois, which was the second largest city in Illinois. She started her career in Heroes Universe and architecture and got two degrees, one in civil engineering and other in architecture.


Key Talking Points

  1. Getting to know Michelle
  2. Michelle’s journey into building engineering and public health
  3. Green facilitator
  4. Technology of participation
  5. Michelle is keen to learn languages
  6. Routines and Rituals


Key Milestones of the Episode

[01:33]  Intro to Michelle Halle Stern

[02:07]  Aha moment

[04:46]  Michelle’s mentors

[05:36]  Michelle’s first project

[09:30]  Green facilitator

[16:29]  Bucket list items

[20:48]  Bottom Line

[21:54]  Routines


Key Quotes from the Episode

  1. “I would say that you don't have to have all the answers.”
  2. “Always be an advocate for yourself.”
  3. “There's you should always be standing up for what you believe in.”
  4. “It’s kind of one of those things that you just have to do through practice.”
  5. “There are seven basic principles in the Regeneration and really when we talked about it in terms of a project is about building capacity and it's about what are you affecting beyond your project? How do we co-create with a community to make sure that everything everyone has a steak and a unique role not just for people but also for the ecology and environment.”


Key Resources

  1. The Moments of Lift
  2. The Sixth Extinction


Learn More about Michelle Halle Stern

Michelle Halle Stern is the national Director of Sustainable Design Services at HDR where she manages business operations and strategic planning for their sustainable design consulting group.

Prior to joining HDR, Michelle was a Sustainability Strategist at Perkins+Will, director of green building initiatives and LEED consulting for the non-profit Delta Institute, and the first Director of Sustainability at OWP/P.

She has been sought after as a green building expert since the late 90s, when

she started one of the country’s first sustainability programs, and founded

the USGBC Chicago Chapter. Michelle’s background in architecture, engineering,

and Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, which offers her a unique

perspective and understanding of complex systems, and the human health

impacts of green design.




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