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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Dec 12, 2018

Tommy Linstroth is the founder and CEO of Green Badger, a cutting edge greentech software solutions company, and Principal of Trident Sustainability Group – a triple bottom line consultancy firm. To date, Tommy has been involved with over 70 LEED certified projects nationwide. He has leveraged a decade of industry knowledge to launch the Green Badger LEED Documentation software - the world's first truly mobile LEED Construction Documentation software. Green Badger manages all aspects of LEED Construction documentation, including construction waste, sustainable materials, erosion control and indoor air quality reporting, and VOC management and tracking.


Tommy Linstroth - Pioneer of Sustainability

Tommy grew up in Wisconsin where he went to high school and college.  He earned his Masters of Science, Environmental Studies from the College of Charleston.  Tommy’s junior year he knew he had to focus on sustainability. He made his home in Savannah, Georgia and began to figure out how to apply it.  Tommy then became the Director of Sustainability at Melaver, Inc. who believed in sustainability to the level of everything they do needed to be green.  They were truly a pioneer of sustainability.

"It was a great opportunity that I find myself fortunate to be in and it really diverted me out of that public policy side into the actual development side." – Tommy Linstroth



Martin Melaver, CEO of Melaver, Inc. was Tommy’s mentor when he first started.  They still collaborate occasionally, but Martin is a leader who focuses morally, ethically and is a visionary.  He helped Tommy early in his career and they still communicate 14 years later.

"There are a lot of people who can do great things but it is really empowering to work with someone who has the type of vision of what we need to be doing and how we need to be doing it. " – Tommy Linstroth


Highlights of LEED

Tommy started with Melaver on new construction where everything would be green.  He was working on the first LEED Cornshell Shopping Center and as part of that they did LEED McDonald’s and then they moved into affordable housing. Tommy started TriDents and consulted up and down the coast which led him to Green Badger due to the administrative hassle to try and eliminate the headache and barrier of further adoption of green adoption.

"Before the wave of LEED affordable housing came out and it really redefined how they recognize green affordable housing in the state of Georgia which was great because we were the first ones to get certified in the state ." – Tommy Linstroth


A Few Current Projects

Tommy is currently working with 8 of the top 10 green contractors using Green Badger on projects.  He is focusing on how they can continue to improve the functionality. Tommy is also looking at other ways they can address some of the other rating systems.

"The impact that we have and the feedback we are getting from our customers-is how great this is and easy this is making it for them is what keeps us going everyday." – Tommy Linstroth


Pro Tips

Tommy works out 4-5 days weekly to re-focuses himself because he is wearing about 20 different hats with his start up company as each day is hectic.    

“If I can find the time to get a good workout in it helps rejuvenate me and keep me on task.”– Tommy Linstroth


Book Suggestions:

Living Above the Store by Martin Melaver

Shogun by James Clavell

Pieces is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh


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