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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Dec 28, 2022

Dan Matisoff is a senior researcher who studies energy and environmental policy, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability. He has a background in statistical analysis on the adoption and diffusion of energy and environmental policies and technologies. Right now he is working on a project related to the diffusion of eco-labels and advanced technologies in the built environment and how these drive market transformation in the built environment. He is the lead for Working Group 3 for Georgia Drawdown - Built Environment and Materials. He is well versed in statistical methods, quantitative modeling, and other approaches to assessing impacts of energy and environmental technologies.

Show Highlights

  • LEED Eco Label’s continuous score with a discontinuous “signal.”
  • The impact of the LEED Eco Label on investment in energy and environmental technology. 
  • Important research to confer economic value to customers and to society.
  • Distribution of buildings in LEED to understand how the silver, gold, and platinum tiers caused additionality into a space. 
  • Dan’s book tells a more dynamic process with the early movers into the LEED Eco Label and the produce positive information spillovers that help change the market.
  • Understanding the eco label itself is the certification of these traits and making them easy to observe to individuals. 
  • The “LEED factor” benefits with pilot projects in geographic locations.
  • A sneak peek of some advanced degree programs for the rising demand for sustainability professionals.

“The goal was to take all this research that we had really reduced for economists and for a real academic audience. Then, to translate this into more of a story that somebody in the green building world might appreciate. To translate some of these kind of challenging economic concepts and challenging statistical findings into a more digestible form that will help people in the green building movement understand what it is they're doing, what it is they've accomplished, how the economics of the label works to confer value to customers, to confer value to society.”

-Dan Matisoff 

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