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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Aug 10, 2022

Emmanuel Lavoie is the CEO of Jetstream Hospitality Solutions. He’s an Engineer, entrepreneur and investor with 17 years of experience in the management of business and technical projects. As CEO at Jetstream Hospitality Solutions, he focuses on maximizing business growth and driving innovation.


He has formed and subsequently led several ventures in sustainability, building design, and hospitality software and solutions. A skilled generalist with exacting standards, he’s competent in dealing with software teams, marketing, sales and fundraising. I find tremendous fulfillment in building world-class teams to deliver on ambitious projects and goals.


He’s passionate about travel and sustainability. Outside of work he  loves sailing, surfing, skiing, paragliding, music and is moderately obsessive about technology. 

Show Highlights

  • The dichotomy between engineering and architecture.
  • Bridging the gap to blend environmental and social sustainability in co-housing or living communities. 
  • How the green building movement applies sustainability to all industries. 
  • Knowing when to pivot on your path and/or entrepreneurial journey.
  • Creativity of repurposing assets especially in short term rentals.
  • The hardest part to learn for aspiring entrepreneurs and the encouragement you need to hear. 
  • Trends happening with short term rentals.
  • Avoid “greening up” only a certain slice of the built environment.


“It's the grind of the day to day and sometimes you're the windshield and sometimes you're the bug and sometimes you're on top of the world. It's scary to get beaten down. We call it the hustle. One of our core values [in the business] is we hustle. What that means is you just never stop because part of winning is to just not stop and still be there.”

-Emmanuel Lavoie 


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