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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Jan 27, 2021

Sara Greenwood is a sustainability consultant with over 15 years of experience. Her expertise and insight into emerging green building practices and technologies provide a unique perspective for clients pursuing green building certifications or business initiatives. Her experience in sustainable program development and management helps to guide project teams through the green building planning, documentation, and certification process. Sara consults on a number of projects of various building types such as multi-family residential, commercial offices, retail, healthcare, higher education facilities and government buildings. She has strong experience working with the following rating systems: LEED, WELL, Green Globes, CHPS, and ENERGY STAR.

Greenwood also consults on sustainable business initiatives and climate services to clients in the corporate, higher educational institutions, and municipal sectors. By engaging in a comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory of operations a roadmap can be developed to achieve emissions reduction goals. Her experience assisting cities with Climate Action Plans and energy efficiency and conservation strategies has put her at the forefront of implementing federal and California state legislation. She has helped manage several critical research programs under the California Energy Commission to inform future updates and related public interests. 

Greenwood has served on the USGBC Central Plains board for three years and has Chaired since January 2016


Specialties: New Construction, Commercial Interiors, Core & Shell, Schools, + Existing Buildings certification nationwide. Project management.

Sustainability Charrettes • LEED Certification • Rating System Analyst •Corporate Sustainability • Carbon Offset Programs • Project Management • Marketing • Green Materials • Construction Support • Contractor Training 


Show Highlights


  • Advocated for sustainable schools to facilitate significant bond measures for districts to formally adopt resolutions to build sustainable schools.
  • CHPS Framework  is more comprehensive than LEED for Schools.


  • Database of environmentally preferable products
  • Criteria addressing new buildings, existing buildings, portable classrooms and specific rooms


  • Working at CTG provided a broad reaching breadth of experience working that propelled Sara’s career.
  • WELL or adapt elements of the WELL rating system is important to all projects because you can still pull from the WELL standard for the change in building markets.
  • Explore ARC and other existing building performance metrics.
  • Shift towards all electric and much more energy efficient buildings.
  • You need to know about Kansas City, Missouri's commitment to have all public buildings be certified and the different building types all across the Kansas City area.



“I'm optimistic that within the building community there will be renewed energy towards the optimization of building performance. All systems. Zero net everything: zero net waste, zero net water, zero net carbon.” 

-Sara Greenwood

Sara Greenwood Transcript


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