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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Sep 6, 2019

From Envelope Cx to Sustainability Training with Stevan Vinci


About this Episode

Energy efficiency and regulation is the focus of this Green Building Matters episode. We talk with Stevan Vinci, a LEED Fellow with various sustainability-focused credentials and many certified projects. Stevan shares how he got into sustainability, regulations, envelope commissioning, and the future of the movement.


Key Talking Points

  • Entering sustainability: How Stevan moved from mechanical engineering into sustainability and green building certifications
  • Looking at the bigger picture in this sustainability movement
  • Envelope Commissioning (Cx) & LEED
  • The future of sustainability


Key Milestones of the Episode

 [1:50] Stevan’s original story 

 [4:24] How did you get into sustainability? 

 [5:26] Mentors

 [7:08] Greatest accomplishments

 [8:58] What is your stance on ratings?

[11:26] Current projects

[12:17] Understanding envelope commissioning

[16:42] What does a good envelope commissioning project look like?

[19:14] Are we properly training people with envelope commissioning?


Key Quotes

  1. ”I was more ‘buildings” minded...
  2. “You can design for a rating like LEED...or you can design for true sustainability.”
  3.  “Our philosophy is making sure the design is right, that the building is going to perform the way the owner wants it to perform…”


Key Resources

  1. Morrison Hershfield
  2. LEED Accreditations
  3. Green Globe certification
  4. LCA certification


Connect with Steva  Vinci

Stevan Vinci is the Sustainability Specialist and Building Envelope Commissioning Practice Lead for Morrison Hershfield;.




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