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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Jan 8, 2020

About the Episode

In today’s episode we are joined by John Boecker. He is a green building expert with over 20 years of experience in the industry. John will be helping us understand some important things regarding green building and regenerative practice. He will also share with us his journey to becoming a green building expert.

Stay tuned to learn more.


Key Talking Points

  1. Getting to know John Boecker
  2. John’s first green building project
  3. John’s turning point in his career
  4. Who does John consider a mentor in his life?
  5. Cool accomplishments in John’s career
  6. Getting to know the Seven Group better
  7. Understanding regenerative design better
  8. What is John best at?
  9. What John wishes he had known earlier in his green building career

Key Milestones of the Episode

[01:42] Getting to know John

[02:44] John’s first green building at the Department of Environmental Protection

[04:14] The call that made a difference in John’s career

[06:03] What did John train in?

[10:02] John’s mentors

[11:24] John’s cool achievement

[12:11] Getting to know the Seven Group better

[16:29] What’s it going to take for some more significant breakthroughs with regenerative design?

[18:03] Importance of collaboration

[20:48] John’s gift

[23:50] On the bucket list

[26:50] A must-read book

[28:40] What John wishes he knew earlier in his career

Key Quotes from the Episode

  1. “What is it that you need to develop so that you can express your unique voice and think bigger about the contribution you’re being called to make?”
  2. “Life is about asking the right questions.”
  3. “There’s nothing new. It’s just rethinking how to put it back together again and express it in each individual case differently.”
  4. “We can either hold that and sell it or give it away, and we made a choice to give it away.”
  5. “The real value of that book was helping us clarify how we want it to work and then share that with others.”
  6. “Look, to see, to remember.”

Key Resources

  1. The Overstory- by Richard Powers
  2. Carol Sanford’s books


Learn More about John Boecker

John is a green building expert and one of the founders of Seven Group. His specialties include Green Building Architect and LEED, Integrative Design, and Regenerative Development Consulting.


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