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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Jun 7, 2018

Michael Bean, Jr., LEED AP O+M, has always been environmentally aware. His passion for engineering and architecture has opened a lot of doors that advanced his career. Combined with his inherent concern for sustainability, he has managed to affect more people to become fellow stewards of the LEED movement.

From HVAC to Property Management

Michael worked his way up to where he stands now. He started out as a building mechanic during his early career. He eventually got into a hospital where he was exposed to a wealth of knowledge on building systems.


He eventually jumped over to property management involving smaller units, until such time that he was given the opportunity to take on properties with a cumulative area of 200,000 sq. ft. The experience of managing separate buildings joined together was as enriching as it could get.

Two Degrees Stronger

When he took up the 200K sq. ft. project, Michael was juggling his school work and career. During that time, he was on his way to earning his degree in architectural construction engineering. While it was a challenge, he found it quite valuable.


“I was able to leave school and then the next day apply what I’ve learned, which helped me immensely.” - Michael Bean, Jr.

An Upgraded Sustainable Mindset

Michael has always been an active campaigner for the environment, involved in his community’s efforts to mitigate environmental degradation.


“I’ve always been in the awareness level, but sometimes these issues morph into bigger problems.” - Michael Bean, Jr.


What really sparked sustainability within him is his curiosity for energy engineering.


To hear more about Michael’s story as a facilities manager, champion for energy conservation, and LEED advocate, download and listen to the episode!


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