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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Jul 27, 2022

April Ambrose is currently Business Development Manager for Sustainability and Energy at Entegrity, a Sustainable Building Consulting Firm based in Little Rock. As the first employee in 2007, she has been key in the successful growth of Entegrity which has grown from two to 120 employees with offices in Little Rock-AR, Memphis-TN, Fayetteville-AR, Jackson-MS, Kansas City-KS, and Tulsa-OK. Previously she was Director of Operations for Sustainability, opened the Entegrity office in Memphis, and was involved in over 200 sustainable building projects.


Current responsibilities include education and technical expertise for Entegrity’s Sustainability and Energy Divisions. Specific areas of expertise include k-12 and higher education, product/service/curriculum development, design and construction projects, sustainability rating systems, dashboards, marketing/education, and behavioral changes.


April received a BA in a self-designed Environmental Education major, which included an Arkansas high school teaching certificate, from Hendrix College. She is a graduate of the University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture LeadAR Class 13 and Leadership Greater Little Rock Class XXIX (LGLR).


Awards include the USGBC Southeast Regional Sheroe of the Year, USGBC AR Green Tie for Central Arkansas Member of the year, Arkansas Business 40 Under 40 list, Outstanding Young Alumna by Hendrix College, and a variety of magazine features.


April’s previous expertise included the creation and operation of numerous non-profit organizations dedicated to sustainability education, national climate change policy, municipal sustainability, and the integration of health and the environment. April has provided over 500 presentations on sustainability and energy to various local and national groups including non-profits, trade organizations, governmental entities, k-12 and higher education schools, media outlets, and environmental organizations.


Show Highlight

  • Figure out your capacity in order to narrow your focus into green buildings. 
  • Measure change to see the impact you can make in the lives of people.
  • Entegrity adds another seat to the green building table in providing a full service for their clients and the industry.
  • Figuring and focusing on what is preventing your clients from choosing the greener path. 
  • Performance based understanding using tools like ARC help large corporations find their niche to replicate and integrate green strategies. 
  • Understanding “people impact” is a huge opportunity to make spaces better places for more than the climate.  
  • The trick to adjusting industry language to show specific value that motivates each client towards trusting sustainability. 
  • The financial component is going to shift where renewable buildings become income producing assets.


“Coming from my background, it's pure education. I have no desire in selling somebody something they don't need, but I want them to be able to make a conscious decision and to have all the facts to make the decision that they feel meets their values and their needs. I didn't see that as an asset for a long time. I realize now that not only is it an asset, it's an incredibly valuable one where you get trusted in a way that people don't see you as a salesperson. They see you as somebody that's coming in to help them.”

-April Ambrose


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