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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Nov 24, 2021

Patty Lloyd  is a driven and Goal Oriented person with a strong work ethic. Focused on healthy, high performing projects and pushing the construction industry forward.

Patricia Lloyd is a project coordinator and sustainability advocate with more than 18 years of experience in the construction industry, along with 15+ years of experience coordinating sustainable projects. As a construction professional fluent in sustainability, she provides direction to owners, colleagues, and subcontractors in planning, coordinating, and executing LEED project criteria. She regularly creates LEED scorecards and sustainability plans for Leopardo’s projects seeking LEED certification and excels at exceeding sustainability goals set during the planning phase of a project.

As co-chair of Leopardo’s Total Quality management Sustainability Committee, Patricia works to continually improve sustainability practices and education within the company and on their projects.

She is active in the green building community locally, and nationally. She recently ended a 5 year term on the Board of Directors of Illinois Green Alliance, a U.S. Green Building Council Chapter in which she served as an officer in the following roles: Governance Chair, Secretary, Vice Chair, Board Chair, Ex-Officio Chair.

She currently serves on the steering committee of Building Green's Sustainable Construction Leaders, is on the Illinois Green Alliance Standing Programs Committee, and is the Chicago Ambassador for the International Living Future Institute.


Show Highlights

  • USGBC Technical Advisory Groups (TAG) are really influential within LEED to guide future iterations and exceptions of LEED. 
  • The trifecta of renewable energies.
  • ESG is a launch pad and a motivator for firms to engage in meaningful work. 
  • Seeing the positive environmental impacts of green buildings.
  • Good options on building healthy buildings you should read up on. 
  • Finding the “sustainability sweet spot” for your company.
  • ESG in AEC is taking the world by storm.
  • Why do existing buildings have a huge piece to play in the future?

“Don't be afraid to fail. There are so many doors that opened for me because I was willing to throw my hat in the ring, several of which I didn't even think I was remotely qualified for, but clearly at the end of the day, I was. Don't be afraid to fail, throw your hat in the ring, see what's out there.”

-Patty Lloyd


Patty Lloyd Transcript


Patty Lloyd’s Show Resource and Information


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