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The Green Building Matters Podcast with Charlie Cichetti

Aug 4, 2021

Dan Diehl is CEO and President of Aircuity. He is a seasoned executive in the building controls and energy efficiency space, with more than 25 years of industry experience. Dan is passionate about continuous improvement and innovation for the built environment, and under his leadership, Aircuity is leading the way as the trusted air quality platform.

Show Highlights

  • Aircuity’s devices and software that actually saves energy.
  • Largely untapped managing and controlling of ventilation in buildings. 
  • Foundational hardware to accurately measure indoor air quality as economically as possible for the lifetime of the building.
  • Creating a healthy production environment to manage the tough side of the vast constituents. 
  • Timetable to infusing different ways of thinking in a new technology.
  • Adjusting operation controls in air quality filtration to make sure you are filtering clean air. 
  • Balancing the technical and business side to follow the market and guide the clients.
  • COVID hangover reactions and sustainable solutions towards active measurement of an integrated control. 
  • ESG, decarbonization, and carbon goals for long term solutions to properly size and save millions of dollars.

“It's been an air quality battle on the east coast as you probably saw reported this last week. The world is changing, adopting, you need to provide good, safe, clean in all the environments. I think they'll be ubiquitous in the built environment.” 

-Dan Diehl 

Dan Diehl Transcript


Dan Diehl’s Show Resource and Information




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